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Tidy Tile Mapper is an easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful tile-based game creator for Unity, perfect for creating both 2D and 3D tile-based games. More Information

Tidy Maze Maker is a plugin for Tidy Tile Mapper that allows you to generate mazes with which to amaze your friends and perplex your enemies. More Information

A handy little mesh-modifying script - perfect for creating water or fire in your favorite Tile-Mapping tool... Tidy Tile Mapper!
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Tidy Text Adventures - the zero-code-required, text-based-adventure creation tool of your dreams!
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Tidy Tile Mapper is an easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful tile-based map editor
for Unity, perfect for creating both 2D and 3D tile-based levels.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tidy Tile-Mapper: The Tidy Tile Mapper Window

"I'm going to go ahead and list every single click-able function in Tidy Tile-Mapper, and will explain it right here. That should answer any questions you may or may not have." -Me.

Tidy Tile Mapper Window

Block Management

Block Editor: Opens the Block Editor window.

Map Creation

Add Map: Given a name, will add a new map to the scene.
  • New Map Name: The name of your intended new map.
  • Tile Width / Height: The proportions of the individual tiles making up your new map. Default is 1x1.
  • Chunk Width/ Height: The size, in Blocks, of the chunks that your new map is composed of. A chunk is a small group of blocks, allowing you to increase the size of your map in small, organic increments (they're the grey, transparent blocks that are placed when your map is expanding).
  • Growth Axis: This is the direction in which your map will grow. Up will force your map to grow up and to the sides - like a platformer game. Forward will force your map to grow forward and to the sides - like a flat terrain (a top-down game).
Map Management

Publish Map: This will create a prefab in the "Tidy TileMapper\Maps" directory,  removing all working blocks and map-creation logic from the working map, and leaving the working map in the scene.

Map Tools (left to right)

Disable: Disable current painting behaviours.
Cycle Blocks: Left-click: Cycle between available blocks in the "Your Blocks" menu. Right-click: Cycle between available variants in the block that you are clicking-on.
Paint Continuous: Left-click: Allows you to drag across your map and place the block wherever your cursor lands... just like... painting!

Block Paint Options

Randomise?: Randomises the variant on the blocks placed by painting (default paint behaviour is to paint with the first variant available on the block). 

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